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Producer Shed empowers Producers to create entertainment which includes Hispanics in non-stereotypical principal characters for the English speaking market as it is the majority buying power in America.   We are providing opportunities for Hispanics to begin establishing a ubiquitous presence in Internet series, television series and film as principle characters and more importantly, as Americans.

Flip through the channels or go to the movie theater and you will witness first hand  how Hispanics are grossly under represented or cast frequently in stereo-typical roles in Hollywood.  For more insight click here.

We believe by exposing the younger generations as they are growing up to Hispanics portrayed as Americans in Internet video, television and film entertainment,  the children we entertain are more apt to grow up with minimal prejudices and discrimination experienced by Hispanics today and society as a whole all will be the better off for it tomorrow.

Video over the Internet has opened a once in a lifetime opportunity for Hispanics to get their foot in the door in and industry which over a century has been controlled by an elite few in Hollywood. 

Producer Shed provides qualifying projects tools, equipment and training for productions casting  Hispanics as principal characters and will leverage the opportunity  to help Hispanics "get their foot in the door" of the current establishment. 

We hope you join us in creating a balanced racial presence in mainstream entertainment in the USA and leaving a legacy of peace and acceptance for the children of tomorrow.

Alamo Heights SA was the first dramatic soap opera pilot produced in English and in Spanish for release to both markets simultaneously using a bilingual predominantly Hispanic cast. Viewers from around the world as far as Africa, Sweden, Japan, Russia, Germany and Latin America enjoyed the drama on the world wide web, completely Texas created and produced.


After its Internet first run, the drama crossed over to twenty-seven television markets on LATV.

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