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  • Does an applicant have to be Hispanic/Latino to be considered for support?
    Anyone with a great project can apply for support. But the project must meet the minimum requirements to be considered.
  • Does the entire cast need to be Hispanic/Latino?
    We want to provide opportunities for everyone and anyone who wants to work in Texas. Lift Latinhearts Production Fund supported projects, per the minimum qualifications, no less than 30% of leads must be Hispanic, no less than 30% of the Supporting roles must be Hispanic/Latino and no less than 20% of all other actors must be Hispanic. Beyond that, its up to the producers to fill the remainder of the cast with whom they choose.
  • How do you determine if someone is Hispanic/Latino?
    Both parents are 100% Hispanic/Latino and actor carries biological father or mothers last name. Biological father is 50% Hispanic and father and actor carry same Latino last name and mother is 50% Hispanic Biological mother is 100% Latino with a Latino maiden name and actor identifies self in the US Census as Latino/Hispanic
  • Who is considered Hispanic/Latino?
    For our purposes, Hispanic/Latino is defined as a descendent of one of the following Latin American countries: Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Spain Uruguay Venezuela Puerto Rico
  • Does the crew have to be Hispanic/Latino?
    We would encourage that at least one of the three key team members, whether director, producer or principal writer meet the "Hispanic/Latino" criteria and that projects crew up with Hispanics/Latinos in order that Hispanics/Latinos can gain futher experience behind the scenes as well. However this is not a requirement. We are concerned more with creating a presence of Hispanics/Latinos infront of the lens.
  • Does the project have to be a Hispanic/Latino oriented theme?
    As we will support projects that will attract a mainstream American audience, we encourage all projects to be "American" oriented themes with the principal Hispanic/Latino actors playing Americans.
  • What types of projects will Lift Latinhearts Production Fund support?
    Lift Latinhearts Production Fund will support projects developed for the mainstream Audience of the USA which have the potential of being developed into a 100 episode series.
  • Why does Lift Latinhearts Production Fuhnd only support projects for mainstream?
    Lift Latinhearts Production Fund will only support projects developed for mainstream in order to make our members projects marketable to the widest audience possible. As 82% of the population of the US is non-Hispanic, we must focus on projects that appeal to an audience outside of the Hispanic/Latino culture for two reasons: the projects must be marketable to as broad an audience as possible to give them the opportunity to be monetized to the fullest the principal actors will gain wider exposure and fame across America This will provide as an opportunity to keep building the momentum to increase the presence of Americans of Latino/Hispanic descent in mainstream entertainment in the USA.
  • How else can we qualify for support?
    If at least 50% of the top executives on the production team are of Latino descent (ie: director, producer, writer, executive producer) and 25% of the lead and supporting characters are of Latino descent.


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