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The Lift Latinhearts Production Fund was established by One Track Vision who also has a DBA as i-World Production, established in 2006, formerly El Mundo Entertainment.  As a pioneer in streaming video, i-World Production produced Alamo Heights SA the first dramatic soap opera simultaneously produced in English and in Spanish to deliver to two markets using a bilingual cast.  It was also the first soap opera to feature a wealthy American Family of Mexican descent intertwined in a lingerie empire with a wealthy family from Mexico.  It was presented at the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE).  Alamo Heights SA delivered 13 "webisodes" on the world wide web and had an audience around the world.  Netflix and Hulu begin streaming in 2007.  Alamo Heights SA then crossed over to television in 27 markets before the economy breakdown. 

Soon afterwards Cane, a similar drama featuring a wealthy Latino family of Cuban descent in the rum business made its debut on CBS in September of 2007 and ran for one season.


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