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Qualifying for Support

qualifying for support

To support industry growth and year-round jobs, projects considered for Producer Shed support will be web series projects that can move on to traditional television broadcasting.  Feature films will be considered only if they are created with the intent to spin off into a long-term series production.


The support for qualifying projects will primarily be provided in the form of the tools, equipment, training and support in fundraising events needed to produce a project from start to marketing and/or distribution.

M I N I M U M   R E Q U I R E M E N T S 

  1. Completed Pilot script (minimum 90 minutes/feature film format)

  2. Completed web series / television formatted script (additional 180 pages minimum)

  3. 50% of cast in Lead roles must be of Hispanic descent

  4. 50% of cast in Supporting roles must be of Hispanic descent

  5. 18%  of the remainder of the cast must be of Hispanic descent

  6. Lead Hispanics must be portrayed as Americans

  7. Compelling 30 second investor elevator pitch or completed promo trailer

  8. Either Producer, Director or Writer from Key Creative Team must be Hispanic

Projects meeting the Minimum Requirements should proceed to Step 1 and and then start preparing for the Step 2 project evaluation.  Should you receive a call after submitting your Pre-Qualifying application on-line, in Step 2, your project will be evaluated based on a point system. Projects will be ranked by accumulated points with the submissions with the highest points being considered for support first.


Step 3 will be the final step in the selection process.  The top submissions will be sent to Board Members  and Registered Producers for evaluation for marketability.  Final selections support will be provided to the projects the Board and Producers choose, pending on the equipment and funds available starting with the projects with the highest points from Step 2

Once it is determined what projects we can support, the selected projects will be required to begin pre-production within 2 weeks.  In the event a project fails to begin on time, the support will go to the next project in line.


All projects will be expected to wrap up their production within the timeline submitted with the application.  

Call Us 1-210-227-8464

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