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Skills Training Programs

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Video production jobs, whether for Internet, television or film are predominantly skill based. Most jobs do not require higher education but can be used as a stepping stone to get into higher education institutions to study other disciplines to get on track to becoming executives in the industry. 


A person skilled in crew positions can work for an organization in the industry or choose to work as a free agent.  Producer Shed will conduct workshops to train and provide skill training certifications in production key positions which will include internships in independent productions to help build up the students resume.    

We will work to get Texans skilled and ready to so we can work on attracting big budget productions with great paying jobs. 

To earn a certification, trainees who have completed skills training in the area they desire to build a career they will need to complete  a four-hundred (400) hours internship program

with a studio, production company or on the set of independent productions.

Upon completing their internship, they will have an option to be assisted in getting a permanent job in the field of their skill or continue on to a higher education program with partnering institutes of higher learning. After school programs will be available for the youth with special consideration for youth from low income families. 



To donate to this program, click on the donate button on the top left below the menu bar. Your tax deductible donation will go to bringing skilled experts to conduct workshop training, administer the program and to provide grants to qualifying students who are interested in learning production skills.   

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